Emerging Trends & Innovation

LPPC members strive to adapt and transform the way they deliver services to consumers to address technology policy changes and increasing customer interest.



Public Power Utilities Seek to Provide Innovative Services in Response to Customer Preferences 

As customer preferences drive new electricity service needs (e.g., the interest of leading data center operators in procuring large volumes of renewable or low-carbon energy, the interest of electric vehicle owners in access to robust charging infrastructure, or the interest of home owners in rooftop solar generation), public power will continue to be creative in shaping new innovative services.



Public Power Utilities Seek to Advance Transportation Electrification to Improve Air Quality and Support Economic Development in Our Communities  

LPPC members are helping to expand the market for electricity-powered transportation, as both fuel providers and infrastructure developers.  Charging infrastructure, metering and auxiliary electric technologies are natural extensions of the distribution grid.  Partnering with government, auto-makers and other stakeholders, we are committed to advancing electrification of transportation to support economic development and environmental quality of life in our communities.  We urge federal policymakers to consider benefits of increased electric vehicle deployment when evaluating transportation and energy policy.



Public Power Utilities Seek to Advance Transportation Electrification to Improve Air Quality and Support Economic Development in Our Communities  

Public power supports a strong federal role in research and development to expand available generation technology options, support advanced grid capabilities, and enhance end-user services. Individual utilities should retain autonomy in selecting and deploying new technologies that best achieve the objectives of the communities they serve.



Transmission and Distribution Networks Serve as an Excellent Platform for Advancing New Technologies and the Benefits they Offer  

Public power utilities and the grids they build and operate serve as a catalyst for advancing economic development and environmental stewardship. The electric transmission and distribution grid can be transformed into a digital technology platform that balances and coordinates expanding electrification of transportation and other functions, distributed generation, storage, smart homes and smart buildings, and smart cities and the overall convergence of essential public services. Public power supports the use of communities as the innovation building blocks, and grid modernization isa key means to expand the value of electricity in the lives of our consumers.